About Us

                                                         Unfiltered. Undefined Uninhibited.         

 In 2016, after graduating from college, I started creating homemade skin care. The first ever batch of scrubs and butters were made for a family event where I then realized I enjoyed making effective skin care from raw and natural ingredients. Fast forward to now and here I am again but this time I’m making skin care for you. I realized I wanted to make a line you could trust to keep the most important ingredients the first on the list in order to gear towards healthy skin and results over sales.

HBB is a line that address concerns of all kinds and I will continue to grow the line and skin concerns addressed as HBB grows. BUT, HBB is not just about skin care we're about self-care and finding + living in your inner strength daily.  

 Everything is carefully and uniquely handmade + our ingredients are not watered down or diluted to save money because we want you to get the full benefits of each product.

You know, real skin care for real people. My brand is inclusive, and we always strive to convey the acceptance that we feel, both equity and equality are important to me. Here we value individuality and respect each individuals need to push themselves forward through self-expression, self-care and self-love. When you look good you feel good and more importantly when you feel good you look good. Stay true.


Heaven Beam (she/her/they)

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